The brand New MINI GP3 and MANHART

By Coen de Korte

We have totally stripped the suspension of the car and tested everything on our CTW testing dyno's and spring testers to find out what MINI did with this new setup. With that data we have developed new lowering springs for the car. The AST suspension spring rates are a little lower than the OEM ones. The reason why we did this is very obvious, a street driving person will absolutely think that the OEM suspension is too hard, therefor we made them softer for a more compliant drive. But also less tricky when driving on the limits of the grip. Less oversteer, more balance in the car.

Before we build your set, we need to know:

  • Goal of the car. (track, street, both)
  • Other suspension mods like swaybars.
  • What sticky tires are on the car.
  • Any more aero mods.
  • What kind of driver is the driver.

We have a couple options for our suspension for the MINI JCW GP3:

  • AST suspension lowering springs
  • 5100 to be mounted to the OEM topmounts
  • 5100 with topmounts front(camber) and rear
  • 5200 complete with topmounts and reservoirs
  • 5300 complete with topmounts and reservoirs

GP3 suspension s