Official Record At Pikes Peak

By Coen de Korte
Ole Smokey 1949 Ford F1 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 001 758x597 s

MOTON suspension packed 1949 Ford F1 Sets Official Record At Pikes Peak

Our friend and good customer Scott Birdsall and his 1949 Ford F1 have been competing at the legendary mountain named "Pikes Peak"for over 3 years. In 2018 there was an unfortunate crash while testing and 2019 the weather gods weren't very forgiving! Finaly this year all the hard work paid off as it has officially set a new record in the Exhibition Class for the fastest diesel powered vehicle ip the mountain. His Record setting time was 11:24.065. This is 13 seconds faster than the previous record-holder, Uwer Nittel in his Mercedes.

Moton suspension

In 2018 we have build a custom MOTON suspension 3-way setup for Scott and his "old Smokey F1" that he has been testing since then. Multiple races, shows and exhibition later he uses the dampers to go up Pikes Peak. With great success. Our full custom eye to eye dampers with large reservoir are matching the tube frame from the truck perfectly. Our 3-way suspension is easy to setup and because of the right materials the dampening stays the same in every temperature. which is very important going up the crazy mountain. The suspension is not only rebound adjustable but also high and low speed compression adjustable that makes the truck stable on all different surfaces. This is necessary to not upset the truck during bumps and uneven grounds.

AST suspension

There are no fast pit stops need, no quick tire changes or rushed changes to be made but to make life easier when working on the car we have supplied Scott with 5 airjacks. Yes, 5!, this because of the weight of the truck and its enormous cummins diesel engine. Our AST airjacks air quick and stable due to its size. They are designed as compact as possible with the best lift ability possible. Porsches use 3 airjacks, BMW's use 4 airjacks but this truck required 5 to be safe. And safety is first.

Old smokey F1

The truck started his life in 1949 as a normal US pick up truck but Scott started to change it rapridly and made it into a true racer. Kept the diesel engine to keep that torque that Scott likes. Currently his is running a 6.7L Cummins engine with a huge turbo from Garrett. To stop the car, he is using Wilwood brakes and for the proper rubber Toyo Tires is his partner. There is a huge list of partners online to show that its not just a hobby project but its a true race car build with quality products only! This years record was set when the car was in limp mode. Lets see what record will be set next year when it has all the power where it was build for!


We want to congratulate Scott Birdsall from Chuckles garage with his record at the peak! together with all of his partners that were supporting this amazing project!

Keep it up and we would love to see more of "old smokey F1"


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