MINI Cooper S JCW GP series

By Coen de Korte


In 2006 the first MINI Cooper S JCW GP was introduced as the ultimate driving machine from MINI. It was an undressed version of the JCW with a special bumper set, special interior and some options were lacking from the option list to lose weight. Only 2000 pieces were made and the numbers they had were in their roofs. Some special features of the GP1 were:

  • 218 Bhp + Special TMIC
  • Customer spoiler pack
  • Recaro seats + rear seat delete
  • Special suspension setup

For this R53 GP we have had multiple solutions, from AST 1-way to MOTON 3-way. Especially now the MINI R53 GP is increasing in value, we see a lot more requests for streetable Race dampers for this platform.


Since the market was pretty demanding during the second generation MINI R56, MINI came out with the GP2. The MINI Cooper S JCW GP2 R56 wasn't as exciting as the previous model as there was nothing really different than the JCW version of the R56 Cooper S. There were 2500 units build of the GP2 and sold all over the world. Some of the special features of the GP2 were:

  • 218 Bhp
  • Bilstein coilovers
  • Recaro seats + rear seat delete
  • Special color

The GP2 had some issues witht the suspension. Bushings were making noise and the ride was not very comfortable. Since we have had a lot of experience with MINI's (R53 and R56's) on the street but also in the MINI challenge we knew exactly what to do and offered a wide range of dampers for this chassis that made the car more compliant but also more controleable. With a turn on the knob the car car be turned into an easy controlling trackday weapon.



In 2020 you were able to order the MINI Cooper S JCW GP3 from the dealership. If you were lucky you could own one of the 3000 units made. After people complained about the GP2 that it wasn't very special compared to the GP1, MINI decided to do something very special. And they did! A lot of hits and less misses on this version of the GP. The "hits" are:

  • 306 Bhp brand new engine (for mini)
  • Amazing Widebody kit and amazing new spoiler
  • Recaro seats + rear seat delete
  • Special big brakes
  • Gauges are new and GP only

The "misses" are:

  • Mechanical diff
  • Super stiff dampers and springs from eastern europe
  • Just 10kg lighter than the new JCW F56
  • Only Auto gearbox

Since we already had the car in for developement we have taken our time to strip down the suspension and run them on the dyno. We were pretty much shocked about the dampers + spring combination and how super stiff the car felt on the streets. Yes we know its a "race" MINI but we think that 30% of the owners will drive it on the track. Its about the same as BMW did with the BMW M2. This is the reason why our number one seller at this moment is de F87 BMW M2 and our 5100 suspension setup. So we have come up with some options for the GP3.

  • AST suspension lowering springs
  • 5100 series custom valved to the customers specs (as firm as stock or softer for street use)
  • 5200/5300 or MOTON suspension


Actual photo's of the GP3 that we had in house for development will be online soon!

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