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Understanding your suspension is key for performance
03 Jul 2020

Basic suspension setup tips. The primary function of the dampers, is to control the energy as it enters and exits the springs, which when compressed (“bump”) and then released (“rebound”) have a natu...
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Honda S2000
02 Jul 2020

Back in 1995 Honda introduced the sport study model of the S2000. This was mainly the frame and the construction that was shown at the Tokyo Motor show. In 1996 Daisuke Sawai started to design the ap...
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Infinite solutions by AST suspension
30 Jun 2020

Audi S5 B8 The first generation of audi's S5 B8 was introduced in 2007 at the Geneva Autosalon. This coupe got the natural aspirated 4.2 V8 installed to push/pull it from 0-60Mph in 5.1 seconds. In 2...
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This "fasterpiece" has been improved
05 Jun 2020

BMW came with the slogan "Fasterpiece" on their introduction posters and thats the trigger to buy this M4CS. The owner of the car has been driving this M4CS for a while now, on and off tra...
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