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Design Philosophy

Monotube design

All of the AST products are monotube in their design. When using our high quality, low friction seals and bearings, the shocks offer a lower frictional value, resistance to cavitation and a larger, more sensitive valve area, capable of controlling larger oil flow and control of damper movements. They also eliminate the problem of overheating under extreme conditions. As a result of all of these design features, strength, reliability and performance are achieved.

Piston Size

AST dampers use a combination of 46mm and 40mm pistons, depending on application. The advantage of a larger piston is more oil flow, a greater sensitivity to small damper movements, a better adjustment range and increased lateral strength of a Macpherson strut.


All AST shocks are nitrogen gas pressurized, the nitrogen gas and shock fluid is separated by a floating piston internally, the floating piston is sealed by a Teflon strip and o-ring to keep friction low and moves when the shaft displaces the fluid, the gas pressure eliminates oil cavitation around the piston faces caused by high speed movements, ultimate performance is consistent as a result.

Inverted or upside down concept

The AST 5000 series uses the Macpherson strut originally designed in 1949, the concept of this is to replace part of the multi link suspension mountings, and utilise the damper as a guide to lateral and longitudinal movements. Using a 45mm inverted piston or cartridge design increases damper strength in all directions, needed for cornering and braking forces and to keep geometry where it should be. Proven in many competitions around the world our design provides an ultra strong strut and a low frictional resistance.

External reservoir

The AST external reservoir provides a platform to extend the range of adjustment, when installed, it allows separate adjustment of compression and rebound damping forces, it also allows a larger capacity of fluid and nitrogen gas, to further add to the elimination of overheating and cavitation. It is available in a piggy back mounting and remotely by a rotational hose.

AST Suspension

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