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Moton 4-Way Motorsport Pro

The 4-Way adjustable Motorsport damper has been developed over the last few years in conjunction with many professional racing teams all over the World. After winning the FIA European Touring Car Championship (ETCC) in 2004 with our Triple adjustable damper, we designed and developed  this unique 4-Way damper with Andy Priaulx’s Team in preparation of the 2005 FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). The rest is history and the 2005, 2006 and 2007 FIA WTCC title was clinched by Andy Priaulx running the Moton 4-Way damper system.

What do we have in store for you?


The 4-Way adjustable Motorsport damper is available as a McPherson Strut in either Aluminum or Steel or as a Aluminum Coil-over damper. It can be custom built to your specifications. The Moton 4-Way damper features separate low- and high speed bump and rebound control. The 2 rebound adjusters are located on top of the piston rod and adjust completely independably from each other. Both low- and high speed rebound do have a adjustment range of 20 clicks each. The 2 bump adjusters are located on top of the reservoir, the low speed bump can be adjusted into 6 different settings by turning the small knob on top of the reservoir. The high speed bump can be adjusted into 15 different settings by turning the large knob on top of the reservoir.

The 4-Way damper is featuring a unique double piston design. The primary large main piston does have a double non preloaded valve stack on it for bump and rebound control and is designed for quick response during the smallest movement of the piston. The secondary piston is designed with the use of a unique blow off valve system for high speed rebound control. The low speed rebound is controlled by adjusting an internal needle valve.

Benefits include

  • Improved platform stability
  • Improved traction, higher grip level
  • Improved curn stone and bumpy track control
  • Improved tyre wear over race distance
  • Easy to adjust and work with
  • Every single adjustment done is very noticable to the driver
  • Proven reliability


  • Double piston design
  • Unique blow off valve system in both bump and rebound
  • Large piston rod diameter for more fluid displacement
  • Adjustable gas pressure for added lifting force
  • Large main piston for quick response
  • No preloaded valve stacks needed for low speed damping control
  • Seperate Low- (6) and High (15) speed bump control
  • Seperate Low- (20) and High (20) speed rebound control
  • Swivel banjo hoses for easy installation of remote reservoirs

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MOTON Prices and delivery

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