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AST 1-Way 5100

Taking the knowledge and experience learned with the 4000 Series of dampers, AST is now building the new 5000 Series dampers. One key design feature of the 5000 Series are their inverted strut design, which makes for a very stiff strut assembly, providing better suspension geometry under heavy lateraland braking loads seen in a road course environment.

What do we have in store for you?

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Benefits include

  • High-end, track ready suspension that is totally streetable
  • Rebound Adjustable (“Singles”), without reservoir
  • 44.5mm diameter shaft struts, Inverted
  • New low friction seal on all AST dampers
  • Rubber bushings for “eye” shock mounts
  • Optional Spherical lower “eye” shock mounts
  • Optional spherical upper shock mount assemblies
  • Optional DLC Coated shafts
  • Optional DDP piston (double digressive)

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