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Shocks for BMW E46

SALE: AST 5100 shock absorbers for the BMW E46 (3-series).

The 5100 Series shocks utilise inverted / upside down technology. The inverted design is race proven technology and produces an extremley strong damper , providing better suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads seen in a road and track environment. These shocks give your car a better performance than the standard twin tube design. With this suspension you can adjust rebound with one knob. The adjust platform allows you to adjust the ride height of your car. AST suspension shock bodies are specially designed to keep maximum stroke, even with a lower ride height.
How a Monotube design works?
Monotube design essential for performance, The oil and nitrogen are separated by a floating piston, and allows the use of a larger piston, increasing the damper performance and sensativity felt by the driver, all this added together produces more grip, gives more control and driver feedback from your vehicle.

What is a rebound adjustment?
Rebound controls the rate of extension of your shock absorber, By changing the rebound you can directly change the charecteristics of the vehicle.
• Floating piston design with high pressure nitrogen means no cavitation around the piston
• 14mm diameter internal shaft
• 44.5 mm diameter shaft struts, inverted
• Steel cylinder body shocks, inverted
• High end, track ready suspension
• Rebound adjustable (''Singles'')
• Low friction seal
• Adjuster knobs permanently mounted on the dampers
• Rubber bushings for ''eye'' shock mounts
• Optional spherical top mounts
• Optional DLC Coated shafts
• Optional DDP piston (double digressive)
• Rebuildable
• Optional custom valving
When you require a custom set up, we ask you to mention the requested spring rates in the order process (in ‘Notes and Special requests”).

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